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A·S·A·P Plastics - Fabrication

Fabrication is a generic term and often applied to all aspects of sheet plastic processing.  However, this page concentrates on fabricating, fixing and polishing.

Our plastic fabrication department produces a wide range of items – if you can imagine it, if you can draw it - we can fabricate it!

We use all available plastics.  Some (Polypropylene, PVC, Polycarbonate, PETG and ABS) can be welded; we also fabricate items that require gluing or fixing with screws.  All items we fabricate are pre-machined in our shop to guarantee accuracy and finish.

In addition to welding, we can fix plastic components together using either chemical bonding or mechanical fixing.  Chemical bonding provides extreme mechanical strength and is used with face, mitre, lap and butt joints.  It is a reasonably quick process and results in clean-looking joints on clear materials which does not 'contaminate' the plastic with metal parts.  Mechanical fixing is generally used, Edge polishing is used to provide a glossy look and is mainly used for acrylic components, because their polished look provides a good look for visual applications.  We flame polish or wet sand and buff for a highly polished edge.when superior mechanical strength is required and achieved with a range of well-known fasteners.  Both chemical bonding and mechanical fixing can be combined to achieve extreme strength if required. All items are fabricated to the highest quality and standards.